About Us

Here at Access Bureau, we bring over 20 years of experience in the currency exchange business to each of our transactions, helping all of our clients find the best possible rates and solutions for their individual needs. We've had the unique opportunity to watch this city be transformed by a diverse group of cultures and people that now call London home! We know that many businesses rely upon quick and easy access to the world's popular currencies, and we believe that providing the opportunity to buy and sell currency at competitive commission rates is of paramount importance! Since our inception, we have been a family owned and operated business. This level of companionship and familiarity is something that has crossed over into our relationships with our clients. We hope you will feel that a bond of friendship and trust with us is possible!
London's financial sector is arguably one of the most developed and active in the entire world. Everyday, business professionals help redefine the fabric of our global economy within the buildings and streets of our fabulous City. At the same time, many Londoners are preparing themselves for an adventure to foreign lands, made all the more easy by the City's advantageous location! We believe that a currency exchange service should be able to help both business professionals and individuals, and will do our best to make sure that, whatever your goals may be, your needs are fully met!
Although many of our services can be requested over the telephone, by post or online, our physical branch is located at 201 Victoria St, London, SW1E 5NE, a five minute walk from Buckingham Palace and just outside of the ever popular Victoria coach station. 
Our “commission-free” policy has turned many heads over the years, and we are proud to say that we continue to offer some of the lowest possible exchange rates in the entire City. We understand just how important it is for many individuals and organisations to maximise their return during currency exchange, and we won't leave you feeling frustrated or disappointed with our services. Unlike the larger high street banks or travel agencies, our emphasis has been and will always be you, the customer. Your needs are our first priority! We've designed all of our  operations around the idea that each of our customers is entitled to fast and friendly service. 
If you have any questions about our products our business practices, feel free to contact us! If you would prefer to stop in and say hello, we'd be more than happy to meet you! Access Bureau's reputation for outstanding service and reliability has been created by the individuals we serve, and because of this we are firmly dedicated to ensuring that all of our future clients have an equally wonderful experience with us.  Let us show you what all of the buzz is truly about!
Stop in today and learn more about how we can assist you with your currency exchange needs. We look forward to doing business with you!